Sunday, July 25, 2010

Social Media Optimization for Political Candidates

Obama, the voice for change in 2008, ushered in a new era of candidates using social media to great effect to motivate donors all over the country

An online fundraising tool has predicted that online political donations will reach $4 billion in this election cycle, double the pace of the 2008 election cycle.

Social media are an important supporting cast that can drive valuable traffic to the site and engage voters on a more personal level. FaceBook has 113,130,240 people from United States who are in age group of 18 years or more. Obama’s FaceBook Fan Page has already reached 10 Million Fans and has 4.47 million Twitter followers.

While the first rule is to not overextend yourself into too many networks, that doesn’t excuse any candidate from not having a presence on at least a few of the top networks. We believe it’s absolutely necessary to have presences on at least: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

Here is what you get each month, provided it’s approved by you:

· Account setup

· Setup FaceBook Fan Page

· Up to 8 unique status updates per day

· Inviting and building your fan-base

· Weekly report on your subscriber count.

· Integration of other brand assets into your FaceBook profile (videos, audio, articles, etc)

· Moderating user generated content on your FaceBook profile or FaceBook Fan pages.

· Account setup if needed

· 8 Twitter messages per workday (approx 1 per biz hour )

· Following 25 influencers each day

· 5 retweets per day of valuable information gathered from Twitter via all in your stated niche.

· Integration of your other brand assets via tweets (videos, audio, articles, whitepapers, etc)

· Weekly report on your follower account, exposure, and other important information